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How to Increase Your Sales Through Online Video Advertising

How to Increase Your Sales Through Online Video Advertising In the digital age that we are living in, Online Video Advertising is the new trend and a powerful one. It is also one of the fastest growing areas of advertising. There are a few best practices when it comes to online video advertising so that […]

How Video Advertising Can Help You Sell Real Estate Property

How Video Advertising Can Help You Sell Real Estate Property Video advertising is one of the most preferred mediums in Real Estate today. It is a sure shot way to reach the customers and prospective buyers who are always looking for a good home for themselves and their loved ones. Since, it can be accessed […]

Advertising Homes Online Using Video

Advertising homes online with video is an effective and cost-efficient way to earn extra money and build a positive reputation on the web. There are several ways in which individuals can sell their houses online with the aid of video. Since the housing market is down, many homeowners are selling their homes for less than […]

Using Video For Online Marketing

A recent study found that using video for online sales increased conversion rates by 58%! Video marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and a search term that describes most of the content on the web today relates to video. From instructional videos to commercial breaks, the number of people […]

Advertising Online Using Videos

Video marketing is taking the Internet by storm and is currently becoming one of the most popular ways to market a business or product. The concept is relatively simple: view videos of your choosing for free, and then have them posted on sites like YouTube and Metacafe, among other places. The way these ads are […]

Choosing a Career in Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography is receiving high rankings in almost every popular list on how to earn money as a professional photographer. Currently, the real estate industry is booming, and so is the need for high-quality real estate photography. The point of real estate photography, is to sell homes to eager buyers. The best way to […]

Professional Audio and Video Editing Advice

When looking for professional audio and video editing advice, you may be wondering where to get the best tips. The fact of the matter is that you can find a wealth of information on the Internet. One thing that you will have to keep in mind however is that there are many websites out there […]

YouTube Insights: Use It to Your Advantage

YouTube Insights: Use It to Your Advantage Online video advertising is an innovative type of internet marketing that involves the advertising of online videos through the use of popular online video networking platforms such as YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo and many others. It’s similar to display marketing in that it also relies on identifying target […]