People often overlook the importance and need for images and videos on a website. These two ingredients are often considered to bring suitable amounts of traffic on a website and can dictate the survival of your website. So if you’re still wondering its importance, then read these important points which might help you understand its relevance.


The basic Outlook and Idea


Photos and videos provide the user with a basic idea and image of the website. This enhances the website through unimaginable ways, and a website which looks good will often attract more traffic towards it, considering the type of content it generates. Videos are recent additions to a website which does a fine job of letting people know the nature and type of services provided by the website. It can be a video of the CEO talking about the achievements and services of the company, or it can be a video where an employee talks about his/her experience working with a particular company.


Enhances User Experience



User Experience


Any strategy adopted for the betterment of a website plays a crucial role in providing a user with the best experience. Website design filled with relevant images will help to give the feel and establish the nature of functioning for a particular website. Since videos are highly informative, they can provide users with a list of information in a convincing manner.


Marketing Strategy


Websites which include an image and a video are the ideal way of marketing which stays up to date even in the 21st century. Providing YouTube links to these videos is also an ideal way of marketing as it leads a user to the second largest search engine, YouTube. These strategies can help to bring in traffic through relevant means and strategies.

The Ideal form of content


reading advertisements


People are tired of reading advertisements through newspapers and magazines as the world wide web tends to create a bigger platform for marketing. Consumers conduct a particular form of research before purchasing any type of product or service. Such research takes place mainly through the world wide web. Hence why ignore this platform when it brings in so much for your organisation. So forming a suitable budget for such strategies will be highly regarded.


Tells a Story


Images and videos tell a story in the best manner when compared to other forms of marketing. They can convey the message in a matter of no time, where the user understands every single bit of what has been projected. The impact of these strategies always depends upon the type and style followed before publishing it to the world wide web. Organisations or firms tend to seek expert advice in this matter by hiring agencies and professionals in the field of photography and video making.