Online Video Marketing

How To Succeed With Online Video Marketing

Anecdotal evidence like the snippets shown above are lots of. Claims on how online video marketing really works are mostly positive, though occasionally contradictory. The gist is that online video may be helpful to increase conversion and engagement rates. Beyond that, however, such anecdotal evidence and statistics are often difficult to apply objectively.

While some of the tactics used for online video marketing may resemble those used in television advertising or movie promotion, it is important to remember that they have a completely different slant. To begin with, the bulk of video clips that make up these marketing campaigns are short. The average YouTube video lasts only nine minutes; while that may sound like a time limit on adbusting a product, biteable videos (those lasting under forty seconds) account for about three-quarters of all online video content. In other words, there’s not a lot of room for lengthy promotional material.

Secondly, unlike television, movies, or music videos, online video marketing involves the creation and posting of short clips. This means that marketers must be creative and innovative in their approach to the creation of marketing videos. That said, there are some features that are shared by many forms of advertising, and the use of many video editing tools can help. For example, some marketers use cloudapp to share product demo videos, which allow users to watch a short demonstration of a product without downloading and risking infection.

Thirdly, unlike television ads, online video marketing can be very targeted. This means that a particular video clip, rather than being a “spotted” one, will be chosen to target a specific segment of a market. When that segment becomes interested in a product, it is likely that they will pass along the information. If, for instance, a particular group of parents in a parenting community become interested when they see a cute little baby being introduced to a new parent through an adorable little commercial, then a marketing video clip of that event may go viral.

Finally, a great deal of time must be invested in online video marketing efforts. For one thing, marketers need to set clear goals before they attempt to create such a marketing campaign. Goals should include goals related to search engine optimization (if any), as well as goals related to conversion, which includes whether or not a potential customer actually makes a purchase. It is often difficult for marketers to determine what type of conversion rate is necessary before they have defined their goals, but it is important to set reasonable expectations early on.

Overall, online video marketing can be a highly effective method for building a relationship with an audience. However, marketers need to remember that it is ultimately a two-way effort, as the audience should be engaged with the product as well as the company itself. A video provides an opportunity for conversation between the company and its customers, and can allow a company to address any issues that may be influencing negatively towards its brand. When done properly, online video marketing can provide a powerful edge over its competitors.