video marketing

When it comes to real estate, every Realtor should have the use of professional photographers and videographers in their marketing plan. Making use of this media is crucial when it comes to selling a home because it is the best way to connect with consumers and grab their attention. In today’s fast-paced digital world, everyone wants things done now. Videography and images are the only way potential homebuyers can see the charming qualities of a home without taking the time to actually go see the home.

Videos especially offer the chance to truly show off a home. They also allow viewers to get a true feel of how the house flows and an accurate idea of how much space each room has. They are the only way for a home buyer to save time and still make an educated decision with as much information as possible about the home they should choose. Also, according to the Center for REALTOR Development (CRD), houses that are for sale with good photos and more photos sell 32% faster and can sell for more money as well. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has research that states that 73% of potential home sellers would choose a Realtor that markets their property with videography but only 5% use this form of marketing. Therefore, that Realtors that do have quite an edge.

Photography and videography are also great because the editors can easily use a mobile phone, digital camera, or stand camera that will produce high-quality media that is perfect for showing off a home. The use of aerial photography in selling a home is a specialty that adds a cool and creative touch no one else will have. Drones in real estate are great because they allow effortless new views from above hard-to-reach places. They are also perfect for giving a true virtual and realistic tour from the entrance to the backyard. The luxurious glamour shots of landscaping and scenic views are much better with the aerial technology that drones offer. Every high-definition image and video comes out beautifully with great angles that are sure to be a great attraction to those looking to buy a home.

Hiring a production company that edits media is quite costly with many of them having requirements that you subscribe to their services for a minimum of 3 months to a year. That is a waste of money, especially for a Realtor on a budget. However, the research and benefits of using videography and photography to sell a home are too great to let pass. Fortunately, a Realtor can still use this amazing form of marketing without losing out on money by hiring a freelance, home-based video editor.

A freelancer that edits media and images will be way more cost-effective because they do business virtually from their home office causing fewer overhead expenses. Also, there is a wide global market for freelance videographers; while in the traditional companies you are only able to select from a limited number of editors. Freelancers have great experience and improve their skills from the variety of editing jobs they have. They are more flexible, meet deadlines faster, and are available all day, unlike companies that run on business hours. Freelancers are also more innovative and knowledgeable about the latest trends in editing and production. A home-based videographer is the best decision for a Realtor because it saves money and time with equal or better quality and creativity.

It is very clear that photography and videography are vital to any professional Realtor’s marketing plan. Potential homebuyers are mainly searching online. YouTube is the second largest online search engine after Google, which means higher search results for your business. Any Realtor that includes videography and photography in their promotions will have more listing views, more offers, more satisfied clients, more profits, and ultimately a business that is becoming better and better.

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