Navigating the perilous waters of real estate can be a tricky and scary venture, especially when it comes to marketing. As an agent, one of the biggest obstacles faced is attracting clients. To be a successful agent you have to be able to bring in customers who want to buy a home. One successful thing the top agents are doing is using video and photography in their real estate advertising.

This article will talk about some of the best ways to utilize photography and video productions to attract clients. Along with ways to use this method effectively this article will also talk about why this method of advertisement is sweeping the market. After going over some of the best ways to use this method you’ll be able to bring in the best clients.

Why Use This Method?

You want to sell a home. So do a lot of other people and that’s why your audio & video productions should be top-notch. You want to show off the best portions of what you’re selling, which is the home. You can be the best agent in the market with best closure rate, but if you don’t know how to generate leads then your great statistics won’t really matter.

That’s why you want to show off your product. You want to highlight what your clients are buying. With the internet growing faster and faster, most clients go to the internet to look for homes in their area. According to the National Association of Realtors, online videography sites have risen in popularity for home searches among clients.  This method of using videography to promote housing has taken over the home market, because it’s highly effective.

It’s not enough to just take a recording of a house, post it online, and simply hope that someone will stumble upon it on some search site. You need to produce the right type of videography, and you need to utilize effective digital marketing. You to understand how to produce the right type of videography without spending too much and how to get the most bang for your buck. You also need to know where to go to put your recordings out there.

How to Effectively Promote Through Videography

There are different ways you can go about using videography to attract clients. One of the best ways is to simply make a listing recording. Showing off the highlights of the house is a way for you to basically give a tour to clients you haven’t even talked to. Since most clients don’t see the whole house until they meet with the agent, showing a listing recording shows off the best assets of the house before you even shake the clients’ hands.

Another type of recording to make is an interview with former clients. Besides showing off the property, another way to show off clients is by showing your resume. By showing an interview with former clients, you can let potential buyers see your success with giving other homebuyers a pleasant and successful experience. When people see smiling clients giving glowing reviews of the home you sold them it definitely gives off a good impression.

By showing off the other parts of the community in which the home is placed, you want to be careful not to show off too much to where you’re promoting other businesses. You want to show off just enough to allow clients to see what else they can see and experience in their new community that they will grow to call home. Show off some good restaurants or bars or grocery stores. You can even include studies and statistics on schools and local doctors.

Making Quality Audio and Video Recordings

As far as making good recordings, don’t focus too much on spending hundreds on professional videographers or photographers. There are several apps that can help you make high-quality recordings. Some of these apps include Camera Plus, Magisto, and Viddy. One of the best websites to utilize is YouTube. This seems pretty simple, but think about how searched YouTube is and how popular the website has become.

It goes to show that you don’t need to spend half your budget to make a prime quality recording. You can utilize some incredible recording apps to make the best recording to promote homes to clients. Remember you also don’t have to show off just the home. Show off the neighborhood and old client reviews. Hopefully, you can use some of these tips to help bring in some amazing clients.  For more information, get in touch with us today!