A recent study found that using video for online sales increased conversion rates by 58%! Video marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and a search term that describes most of the content on the web today relates to video. From instructional videos to commercial breaks, the number of people watching a video has never been higher.

So why is video marketing so successful? In the words of one online marketer, people don’t read anymore. People browse, they scan, they seek information, and they consume information. The old model of “the customer is always right,” no longer applies. Customers are smart, they know their stuff now, and they want to be shown the best ways to do it. The old-school “boiler room” or “snake oil” approach to customer service isn’t delivering results any more; people are becoming smarter and are willing to take their business somewhere else.

This is why the video internet marketing industry has taken off and is growing at such a rapid pace. Internet marketers are using videos to educate, to sell, to inform, to build lists, and to promote and sell. With all these goals in mind, it’s easy to see how video could benefit your online sales efforts.

The first step in creating a marketing video, is choosing the right video platforms. YouTube and other video sharing sites are huge, and thousands of people use them every day. If you’re going to capture the attention of a large audience, and keep them interested, you’ll need to target the right audience. If your demographic is mostly male with a college education, then you may want to avoid videos about cooking or technology, or movies starring Tom Cruise, since your audience is made up of people who fall into those categories.

Once you’ve chosen a video platform, it’s time to create your video. There are a number of different formats to choose from, such as Divx, Windows Media, iPod Video and iPhone Video. It’s important that you select a format that best suites your purpose. You should also think about an effective title and summary for your video. If you’re planning on making multiple videos, and you’re targeting a niche, then it may be worth considering using a more unique format.

There are also many free video editing programs that make producing your own videos easy. Videos can be used as marketing tools, for informational purposes, for instructional videos, or simply to entertain your family and friends. Regardless of why you’re using videos for online marketing purposes, they’re one of the most powerful tools available to internet marketers. When used correctly, a video can draw in customers, convert them into leads, and bring you more profit than you know what to do with.