What’s Online Video Marketing? It’s basically using video to advertise your company, product or service online.

Online Video Marketing

This includes a variety of different types of videos, such as those that people are going to be watching on YouTube, in social networks and on websites of other businesses, or through blogs. But most likely the most used form of online video marketing is through social networking websites, because it’s relatively easy to create, can be seen by everyone and generally gives you more exposure than other kinds of video marketing methods. This kind of video marketing is referred to as the viral video or viral media.

So, what exactly is it? Well, first off, it doesn’t have to be all about the actual video itself. Many sites will allow you to post short videos, either one or a series of them, that can be posted on their sites, and in most cases they are free of charge. These videos are placed in a number of places, including on blogs, social network sites and even on other sites, such as YouTube.

A common feature of these videos is that they tend to be very informative, and often times they will have some sort of theme or topic that is being covered. In many cases, these videos are going to give you the opportunity to use your own voice, or even use a voice-over instead of reading a long written description of a certain subject. This makes it possible to get your point across to a broader audience, as people will be able to hear you talk about something in your video instead of just reading a bunch of text.

While most of these sites will allow you to make and post any type of video, in order to keep up with the ever changing trends and new methods of video marketing, many will also allow you to upload and make a short video specifically to attract a particular audience, such as an Internet marketer looking to target a specific niche or group of individuals. And while most of the popular sites and video sharing sites don’t charge anything for these videos, some do have a small fee, which goes towards paying a search engine to help index and promote the video.

It’s important for anyone to understand that when using online video marketing, not all videos will be successful and not all videos will be viewed. If a video doesn’t get enough views fast enough, it will soon disappear from the site and won’t be seen by the public at large.