Online Video Advertising

YouTube Insights: Use It to Your Advantage

Online video advertising is an innovative type of internet marketing that involves the advertising of online videos through the use of popular online video networking platforms such as YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo and many others. It’s similar to display marketing in that it also relies on identifying target and measurable demographics, as well as measuring results. However, unlike display marketing, online video advertising goes beyond quantifying demographics and studying market behavior to understand and create a specific, niche marketing message. The content of online videos – including graphics and sound – should also be considered when formulating an online video advertising strategy.

Online video advertising can be both passive and active, with the advertiser needing to regularly update videos as they go viral on the web. In other words, these types of ads are more akin to conventional banner ads or PPC ads, where the advertiser only pays if viewers watch their ads. Online video ads require the continuous updating of content as they go viral, so an advertiser will want to regularly update videos to ensure maximum exposure.

Online advertising allows for targeted messaging, which is different than traditional advertising methods. Traditional advertisements rely on broad demographic targeting, which results in a large audience that is generally unqualified for the product or service being advertised. Online advertising relies on targeting specific audiences who are most likely to be interested in a particular product or service. Online video advertising takes this a step further by allowing advertisers to directly communicate with consumers through targeted advertising, which is much more personalised than general or cookie-cutter advertising techniques. Through greater targeting of the audience, online ads are also more likely to attract customers to a website, resulting in increased sales.

With social media taking the advertising world by storm, online video advertising has had to face the challenge of effectively creating and monitoring campaigns. Social media allows users to easily share videos, which can easily be shared across the internet and the rest of the social network platform. This ease of sharing allows users to get immediate feedback from their followers, and therefore it is crucial that the right message is relayed to target audiences. Online video marketing has had trouble tracking results because the platform is so easy to use, but Instagram is changing that. Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows users to track all of their followers’ posts, ensuring that the right ad is sent to the right people. The enhanced Instinctives feature enables advertisers to instantly target their ads based on the content of their Instagram followers, helping businesses to make better use of this powerful platform.

With over 47 million Instagram users, it is no wonder that this social platform is becoming one of the most popular ways to advertise. In the past, businesses have had to rely on other platforms for marketing, such as Facebook and Google, but the lack of direct access to target audience has meant that this advertising option has been overlooked by many. However, Instagram offers businesses the unique opportunity to not only interact with their target audience on a more intimate level, but also to easily measure results of campaigns. Instagram Insights, which was recently launched to provide businesses with detailed information about their audience, is a prime example of this data-driven advertising solution. Using this information, companies are now able to better target adverts to their key demographic, offering them unparalleled opportunities for success in the advertising realm.

YouTube has arguably had the greatest impact on the online video industry, and for good reason. YouTube’s search engine rankings and traffic, along with its user-friendly user interface, have allowed it to dominate the video sharing website market. However, despite its dominance, YouTube still struggles to attract and retain advertisers, which is why online video ads are such a unique opportunity for businesses to take advantage of. By using YouTube Insights and the data it offers, businesses can not only monitor how effective their campaigns are, but also can measure the results of different ad types to see which are having the biggest impact on revenue. This is something that simply weren’t possible with other platforms and will prove to be a huge step forward in the industry as more companies realize the potential to reach potential customers through this medium.